Kristin Ess Hair Review

Kristin Ess Hair Review – I’m sharing my thoughts with you on these gorgeous products.

Kristin Ess Hair is a brand selling hair products and styling tools across the globe. The products are all designed and created by Kristen Ess herself – a celebrity hair stylist and professional colourist…I already felt like I was in good hands.

Kristin Ess Hair  Review

I’d seen hype on Instagram, but I hadn’t tried them yet, so I was delighted to receive them. I was kindly gifted “The One Shampoo and Conditioner” from the signature collection, along with the “Style Assist Blow Dry Mist”. 

All the products are cruelty free and designed with “Zip up Technology“. I’m not sure exactly what this means but it helps to strengthen split ends and smooth the appearance of any damage and weakness. This must have been the golden ingredient, which made my hair feel super smooth and soft after using!  

First let’s talk about the packaging…

How stunning is it?! Are you as much of a sucker for good packaging as I am? The soft pink colour is quite calming and the matte finish on the bottles looks and feels very luxurious. It felt like a pamper session every time I used them and they are products I would note be hesitant to sit in my guest bathroom!

Onto the products themselves… 

It’s a natural instinct to lift the lids and suss out what the fragrance is like and I was pleasantly surprised at just how powerful each one was. I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it but there were definitely notes of sweetness and floral.  The fragrance lingered for a while after opening & I was excited for my hair to smell so amazing after washing and drying. 

I have been using all products for a few weeks now and two out of the three excites me the most – the Conditioner and Blow Dry Mist.  

What is the Kristen Ess Shampoo like?

The Shampoo was still a beautiful product to use in terms of texture but it did not lather half as much as I expected it to; despite the bottle saying “highly lathering”.  I’m not sure if the Shampoo was slightly past its shelf life date or something, but it just didn’t seem right. The scent on this product was also extremely overpowering compared to the others. I always wash my hair twice and after being surprised at the lack of impact on the first wash attempt, I had to use a heap load more of the product to get some results.  It was slightly disappointing as I had higher hopes for it. 

What is the Kristen Ess Conditioner like?

The Conditioner however was fantastic – everything you would expect. It left my hair feeling soft and silky and the fragrance was a lot subtler which made using it a lot more enjoyable. I have nothing but positive things to say about it!

What is the Kristen Ess Blow Dry Mist like?

However, for me, the star of the show was the Blow Dry Mist. I have no idea how, but there are magic ingredients in it that helps cut down drying time. I don’t have very thick hair and I’m always a bit worried with products like these; that they’ll leave it feeling weighed down and greasy. However I was impressed at just how lightweight and sleek my hair was. To my long/thick hair sisters – you’ll want to give this a try!

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Overall, it was a total sensory experience using these products and if you haven’t tried anything from the range then it is definitely worth a go. If you have used Kristen Ess before then I’d love to know if you had a similar experience with the Shampoo.

Let me know in the comments below.

B x 

This post contains gifted products.

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