I am back, as a married woman!

I am back blogging (as a married woman) after our wedding travels to Scotland & Spain!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post isn’t it?

Where have I been, you ask! Well, I was on the most exciting trip of my life! I took my long-awaited annual leave from work to travel home to bonnie Scotland, then Spain for my wedding. It was an absolute dream.

The weather in Scotland was not quite a dream but catching up with friends and of course family was! Does anyone else feel like spending time with family & friends is their soul food?

Settling back into reality after being wrapped up in my wedding planning and honeymoon bubble was not easy.

Female facing the side showing a hair clip which says the word 'bride' on it.

Now that I am back in Melbourne, the wedding everything blues have well and truly kicked in. I had been on such a high for so long that I didn’t realise they would creep up on me. In fact, plummet me back down to earth.

They say hindsight is wonderful thing & I completely agree. Looking back, I realise how full on it was in the lead up to the big day. I had been working a full time job and planning our wedding overseas (with three different time zones and currencies to consider) on top of all the usual life things.

I did well to prioritise my fitness and skincare during the planning though so I’m proud of myself for that.

Want a sneak peek of wedding content?

It is strange to have some spare time again and I’m channeling my efforts into my blog. I cannot wait to share some of the blog posts that I have planned.

Our gorgeous personalised agate coasters (shown below) were a MUST HAVE for the wedding. I did not stop until I found the perfect ones. When I found the ladies at The Luxe Co I knew they had to be mine. Stay tuned for more wedding related posts!

Take a look at my latest wedding posts here.

Until next time,

B x

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