Hello from Bali ðŸŒ´

Wow, ok, so it’s been a hot minute since I posted and to be honest it’s been really annoying me that I haven’t been consistent with blogging. I have lots of ideas but for some reason I hold myself back, so here is my public apology for being so distant. There’s always an excuse so I won’t bore you with any…

However, on a more positive note, I just got married (eeek! Still buzzing) and I am currently writing this on a sunlounger whilst on our honeymoon in Bali.

I am not trying to make you jealous…more confirming one of the main reasons for my online absence!

Does anyone else struggle with being happy one minute sharing their life online, and then wanting to disappear off social media altogether? I get that it is part of blogging and people want to read about what’s going on but it can be hard to find a balance.

I do have lots of wedding and honeymoon related content coming very soon, so I hope that you’ll bear with me and stick around for that.

Feel free to drop me a comment below with any specific requests and I promise… PROMISE… I’ll get working on them!

Until next time…

B x


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