My Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

I can’t quite believe that I am writing about wedding dress shopping. Even though Ali & I have been together for-like-ever, it is still quite surreal to think we are getting married. I am so excited though, and thought I would share my wedding dress shopping experience with you all.

You may or may not know that I went back home to Scotland last month, as I wanted to go home & spend time with my family and enjoy some real-time wedding chats with them and my bridesmaids. Planning a wedding overseas can be challenging and whilst Ali is great at decision making, he’s not the best at the ‘what do you think about these colours’ etc etc, so it was nice to be able to brain storm ideas over a few cuppas & biccies (oh how I miss drinking tea in the cold Scottish weather. Melbourne coffee – you have ruined me!), and not forgetting a spot of wedding dress shopping (eek).

Oh hey! Justt me in Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square. If you’re wondering why the statue in the background has a cone on his head… well, all I can say is if you know, you know ;)!

I hope this post helps some lovely brides-to-be choose some boutiques. If not and you just fancy reading along then I hope you enjoy πŸ˜‰

I did most of my shopping in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire with my Mum & Gran. The lovely thing about each of the boutiques I visited was that we pretty much had the full shops to ourselves. Let me tell you, wedding dress shopping is stressful enough but when you have space to think, it really does make the difference.

Okay, so let’s kick off with the first boutique I visited which was Unbridaled in Ayr. P.s I won’t be telling you about the style of dresses I tried on (for obvious reasons ;)) just the boutiques I visited.


The first thing that drew me to Unbridaled was how different it seemed from other, more popular, ones. The website had a nice variety of gowns, plus a down-to-earth vibe. “From sleek and modern to romantic and bohΓ¨me, our carefully curated selection of gowns transcend labels and break free from the constraints of tradition.” Yup, let’s go there, I thought!

The shop itself is quite small which was not necessarily a bad thing. It was a quaint space – with two quirky beech wood rails on either side of the boutique filled with gowns and headpieces. How could I forget their instagrammable sofa?!

Source: Unbridaled Facebook

There is also a cute floral chair where I believe brides sit when they have found ‘the one’. In terms of service, it was great! The lovely lady who helped me was extremely helpful and really helped me narrow down materials. The only minor thing I would say which let the experience down was the location of the store, as it was amongst residential homes which lacked impact when comparing to some of the other boutiques. Apart from that it was generally a nice start to the whole experience and worth a visit for something a bit different πŸ™‚

In no particular order… next up, Dianne Honeyman in Ayr.

Diane Honeyman

Put simply – Diane Honeyman is a gorgeous, well established and award winning bridal boutique in Scotland.

Nestled near cute cafes and fashion boutiques, Diane Honeyman is a bride’s dream come true. Walking through the doors, there is such a calming vibe with plush chairs, mirrors and of course bridal gowns galore.

From local to worldwide designers, it really is a dream to have so many styles at your fingertips! The ladies in this shop are just gorgeous and couldn’t have done any more for me. They were also super attentive to my Mum & Gran as well. For me, its these small things that are noticed and made the experience even more meaningful. Searching for your wedding dresses is such a memorable time and I’m so glad I got to experience this.

Image result for diane honeyman ayr
Image: Diane Honeyman Instagram

The main aim at Diane Honeyman is to find a dress that makes the bride feel beautiful and confident on her big day & I can certainly vouch for that. Again, the ladies were so helpful at narrowing down styles and materials for me and I did find a wild card dress in this shop ;). I ended up not buying it due to other factors but I was certainly close… Definitely worth a visit!

Next up is Melle Cloche in Glasgow…

Melle Cloche

Melle Cloche is a beautiful boutique in the heart of Merchant City in Glasgow, which I came across after doing some Googling and Instagramming. Run by two sisters who started out as an accessories boutique, or focusing on ‘everything but the dress’, they then launched their Glasgow west end bridal boutique in 2010.

I needed to get some city boutiques under my belt and this was yet another stunning bridal salon, this time spanning over 2 floors.

The first floor has an array of newest collection dresses from a variety of designers & the unexpected basement has an abundence of bridesmaid and flower girl gowns, with another huge room dedicated to more wedding dresses. Wowzers! This hidden gem really is something special and I’d definitely recommend a visit.

I also couldn’t help but swoon over the gorgeous chandelier (I am turning into my mother, haha!), cute plants and girly frames.

Last but not least, Opus Couture in the seaside town of West Kilbride.

Opus Couture

Ahhh, another established & award winning local bridal boutique that eeeveryone swoons over… Opus Couture is seriously stunning & with a vast selection of wedding dresses, who could NOT visit?! Don’t let the fact that is it a local loved boutique put you off visiting. They strive to ensure you don’t walk out with the same dress as other brides, that you may know, who recently said yes to the dress.

Image: Opus Couture Facebook

The lovely assistant Lauren made me feel so comfortable and at ease; taking time to understand where I was getting married, ask questions about my fiancΓ© etc. Taking every detail of my descriptions on board, she hand-picked gowns that she felt fitted the wedding.

I tried on some s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. gowns here but again, none that were right for me. It was such a shame! In saying that, I was allowed complete privacy when I needed it, as well as freedom to walk around and really wear each dress to see how they felt. I was made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Need I say more? Go book, now!

To round it up…

I know what you’re thinking…she went to all those boutiques and couldn’t find the one?! Well, yes. There were some other factors which contributed to my decision making but in all honesty, I just didn’t find the right dress. I hate sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet but I was complimented on styles I tried but it became so confusing because I liked specific elements from different gowns.

One piece of advice I’d give to brides-to-be is only to visit a few boutiques, as it can get overwhelming. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my wedding travels & I hope it helps some future brides-to-be when planning/making bookings to find your dream dress.

Are you recently married or getting married? I’d love to hear about your plans. I’m all about the wedding chat these days πŸ˜‰

Drop me a comment below.

Until next time…

B x


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