2018 – My Year in Focus

Does anyone else feel like the year completely flew by? I did. The concept of time is a bit mind boggling; it’s the one thing we all have but can never stop. Sorry to get all deep and meaningful so early on in this post but I seriously cannot believe that 2019 will soon be upon us.

One thing I do every December is buy a new calendar for the year ahead. I like filling out everyone’s birthdays and the special events coming up so I can prepare. As I reflected back on my calendar from 2018, I realised what a great year it was and how much I actually done.

I believe that taking time to reflect, as well as plan ahead is super important, as for me it proved a valuable time to appreciate all the amazing things I experienced in the year and it reminded me of some things I completely forgot about. So, I thought I would share some key highlights from my 2018 and hope you take some time to enjoy thinking about your year.

First up, the calendar itself!

I want to give a mention to my sister for sending me my 2018 calendar by the talented Steven Brown. Steven is a Scottish artist who is most famous for his colourful ‘Harris McCoo’ (that translates to cow for those of you who aren’t from Scotland) prints.

Each month in the calendar has a quirky variation of famous McCoo’s, as well as some other animals too from the ‘McZoo’ collection. You can read more about Steven here and view his art here.


I bloody love music! It soothes the soul & there’s nothing better than singing your heart out to your favourite artists playing live. Some fab concerts that I enjoyed this year, included:

  • Macklemore
  • Lionel Richie
  • The Script
  • Katy Perry
  • Celine Dion (in Vegas of all places!)
  • Jennifer Lopez (what a babe!! Again, in Vegas!)

Learning New Things/Skills

My head is usually always full of big ideas about things I ‘could do’ or ‘might try one day’, but at times in the past I’ve lacked confidence to go for it & I’ve needed a final push to act. Well, in 2018, I was determined to say, ‘yes’ more often and try new things! So here’s my short list of 2018’s new skills:

  • Learning calligraphy (I’d like to continue and finesse this)
  • Learning how to play guitar (I know a few chords that can slowly get my through a song or two. Again, this is still on my list of things to improve).
  • Volunteering (I enjoyed aspects of this but it was a good way to meet new people and make new connections)
  • Yoga. I found a serious love for yoga, especially since my class is on a Monday – the perfect way to destress at the start the week.
  • Pilates. I ached for a solid week after my first class but it was a good ache that I think I can deal with!

To be honest, pushing myself and building confidence is something I feel I will always be striving for now and in years ahead.


I was lucky enough to have enjoyed a few holidays this year – both staycations and also abroad. Including:

People & Things Change

As much as I loved every second of the above in 2018, it wouldn’t feel right ending the post without touching on the fact that one of my biggest learnings this year was to accept change.

People change. Things change… Seems easy typing it out; even saying it out loud seems to roll off the tongue. But when you are living change, it is completely overwhelming and can take some time to digest and accept. I had an epiphany recently for how to explain it, so to sum it up…. Imagine standing amongst a sandstorm and it’s all happening around you & you are just stuck there, with no clear vision for a good few yards ahead. Then, the sandstorm stops and you’re a bit fuzzy. Straight afterward you need a good cry and then a few days later you feel like maybe a glass of prosecco to get you through… well, it’s kinda been a bit like that! God, I probably sound like a mad woman ha! Surely someone can relate?!

Anyway on that fun & fizzy thought, how has your year been?

What about you?

I would love to hear about any highlights from your year; from all the small things that made us smile to the bigger events that made us stronger or more determined – or maybe thinking of someone new who you met & how they completely changed your outlook? Feel free to drop me a comment below, or an even an email :).

Until next time,

B x

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