Our Romantic Proposal Story Melbourne

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Let me fill you in on our romantic proposal story – or so I like to think.

I’m always slightly reluctant when it comes to sharing my personal life on my blog, as you’ll usually find me talking about lifestyle, beauty and travel. There is still lots to fill you in on!

I am not great at being the centre of attention with something so personal with large groups of people. I actually find it a lot easier to write it all down and share it that way.

So bugger it, let’s throw it back to 15th September 2017.

The Build Up

It was generally a great time as my family were visiting from Scotland. We’d spent the week travelling the East cost of Australia, showing them places we travelled in our little camper van.

Picture shows the city of Brisbane overlooking a river with buildings in the background.
Picture shows a man made beach with female standing facing out to the water, looking onto buildings in the background.

After a busy but amazing week we flew back to Melbourne and on the same day, went to get my nails done with my Mum and Gran.

I’d had such a fab girly day but after a while, the jet lag started catching up on us. So, we made our way back to the flat to chill out before dinner at the delicious Spanish restaurant – Movida – in the heart of Melbourne! I had been eyeing up this restaurant for a while & I knew it would be the perfect place for dinner as well love Spanish tapas.

(This will be our my last Christmas as a miss, eek! Anyway…back to the story!)

Little did I know that, whilst out pampering ourselves, Ali had recruited the help of my Dad to rearrange the flat with gorgeous candles and rose petals.

He had also set up our TV in our hallway… keep reading 😉

The OMG moment!

As we came back to the flat, the lift was out of order and at that point in time, we thought we’d never make it. Against all odds, we made it to the top despite my Gran being super-jet lagged. As we got to the top of the stairs, we were greeted with a huge bunch of red roses with my name on them. 

How fancy, I thought! Ali knows I love flowers but I’ve actually never received roses before. So at that point, I was a bit suspicious. I just thought that Ali was going the extra mile as my family were over. As you can see, the flowers were seriously stunning and straight away, my Mum and Gran were grinning from ear to ear, granting browny points to Ali boy.

If there was ever a thought that crossed my mind, it was that if Ali was going to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage, then it would be a prime time. But I never expected him to actually propose to me.

Walking up the hallway I could see our TV outside our flat door. I just kept saying, ‘What the hell?!’… ‘is that our TV?’… ‘I bet our neighbours are thinking what is going on here’.

As we got closer to the TV, it started playing. Ali had put a video of our love story so far (notching up the browny points another few bars), filled with memories from when we first met, good times with family and friends and then our experience moving to Australia. It was so special. Plus, it meant a lot to me being able to share the experience with my family beside me.

The Whirlwind continues

It seems silly thinking back now but I was so confused as to what was happening but half way through, it all made sense. I walked into the flat to see Ali dressed so smartly. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES!!!!!! 

It was all a bit of a blur after that moment with lots of smiles, a bottle of champagne popping and chatting about who knew and for how long. My poor dad had to keep it all a secret for nearly a full week, which must have been so hard for him to do! Haha.

After a few glasses of fizz, we got ready and facetimed our family & friends from home, then made our way into the city for a gorgeous meal at Movida. We actually need to go back for another visit soon. 

If people ask if I was expecting anything, I would always reply I really hope it happens soon! We met at high school and have been together a long time so it was a very welcome surprise.

Anyway so I hope you enjoyed reading all about our engagement story! Would you like to read more about my wedding planning? Let me know in the comments below.

B x

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