MY ORGANICS Hair Care Review

MY ORGANICS Hair Care Review – I’m excited to share my thoughts on these beautifully packaged products by the 100% natural salon brand.

First, let’s talk about hair.

I feel like females have a love-hate relationship with hair; it grows in places we don’t want it to and it can affect our confidence each day. Due to heat and other elements, our hair can sometimes not look or feel as luscious as we’d like it to on our heads. Real talk, right?

Personally, I have fine hair so am careful to avoid products that weigh my hair down too much.

When I saw these products on a recent visit to Chemist Warehouse, I instantly fell in love with their classic and chic product range. I did some quick online research in-store and discovered their products were originally developed for salon use. Straight away I thought the products must be good.

Picture shows three hair care products with one brown bottle and two white bottles.

The brand started in 2012 and they have been in the market for over 10 years. That’s a long time, right?!

“Research is the heart of the MY.ORGANICS brand and their goal is to offer the most suitable ingredients and perfectly balanced formulas for effective results, able to make a difference in the treatment of the hair, scalp and skin”

Every product in the range has a high concentration of pure essential oils and plant extracts. So far, so good!

Picture shows three hair care products with one brown bottle and two white bottles from the top down angle.

There is a decent range to choose from, including shampoos and conditioners to protective sprays and serums.

I chose their Revitalizing Shampoo, Angel Potion and Thickening Spray & they are all super lightweight and easy to work with.

What do they smell like?

The shampoo is a delicious peppermint scent, which I find uplifting and balancing. I look forward to washing my hair in the mornings knowing the gorgeous scent will bring me happiness.

The ‘Angel Potion’ product is infused with goji berries which gives off a lovely hint of fruitiness. It is a real treat whilst applying the serum to the hair.

The ‘Thickening Spray’ however doesn’t have a specific scent but more of a natural/woody blend of essential oils. It’s not offensive but not overly appealing either, but not off-putting by any means.

Picture shows three hair care products with one brown bottle and two white bottles from a top down angle. There are some images of plants too to give it a natural theme.

I can safely say that I have been loving these products and would definitely buy the shampoo again.

What are your favourite hair care brands? Do you search products based on your hair type? I’d love to know.

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Until next time,

B x

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