Celebrating my birthday weekend in Sydney

Its crazy how fast time flies, isn’t it? I always remember my parents and relatives telling me how fast the years fly by when I was younger and always used to disagree in my mind thinking, ‘pfft… the days, weeks and months drag in, how can time possibly just fly by?’ but oh how this was about to bite me in the ass. I just turned 27 and although I’m still young, I have felt the past years have completely flown by and it’s kinda scary so I am learning to make the most of things and go with the flow a bit more.

Anyway, soppy sh*t over, this year I enjoyed spending my birthday in Sydney – a pretty iconic place to be, right! The weather was glorious, a hot 30 degrees compared to Melbourne’s 10 degrees, and there was lots of fab sight seeing, yummy food and of course a few glasses of prosecco involved. So let’s kick this off…

What better way to kick off the weekend than with an amazing sunset on the flight on the way there? The picture doesn’t really do it justice but oh my gawd, it was stunning! It was one of those moments where I most definitely had to put the phone down and revel in its beauty with my own eyes.


Up bright and early, we ventured to Luna Park and surrounding area, Milson’s Point where the views are. just. spectacular. I still get butterflies every time I see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.


We then walked round a gorgeous promenade which not only had the amazing views on offer but was a welcomed bit of shade as it was so bloody hot (god I’m sounding like a granny right now *face palms* haha).


Due to the power of Instagram I discovered a hidden gem called Wendy’s Secret Garden, which offers iconic views of Sydney amongst tropical plants, herbs and trees. I had mentioned this to Ali a few times but secretly knowing he probably wouldn’t like that sort of thing, just left it at bay. He was actually the one who planned the walk to ensure we stopped by, so it was a lovely surprise.


The story behind Wendy’s Secret Garden is sombre yet uplifting, as she needed something to focus her energy on after her husband passed away. Then, the garden was reborn and looks so well kept. Its pretty fascinating actually, feel free to read more here.

Afterwards, we walked around stunning Darling Harbour, soaking up the views, some food and of course a few glasses of fizz!


We were also celebrating our one year engagement so we also enjoyed a lovely steak dinner at Chophouse. By that point we were all-walked-out and starving so I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the venue or meal but it was pretty cool inside. Nice food and a nice cocktail menu too!

Let me know if you have been to Sydney before, and if you have any recommendations for me on my next visit, then that would be awesome.

B x


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