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So, you’re planned a weekend in Sydney? That’s fantastic! Sydney is such an iconic city! You will not be disappointed to see some of the amazing sights that you have no doubt seen or heard about.

I recently travelled from Melbourne to spend the weekend in Sydney and the weather was glorious – a hot 30 degrees compared to Melbourne’s 10 degrees. NSW is better known for its climate than Melbourne so you will pretty much be guaranteed some nice weather. A great start, right?!

There are lots of fab sight seeing to do and yummy food and drink to be consumed. However let’s start off with one of the best sights from the entire trip – a beautiful sunset.

Flying to Sydney

Melbourne to Sydney is an easy one hour flight which is amazing, for Australia. The country is so big that driving a few hours to go one way isn’t a big deal to Aussies. But for us Scots, that seems like an eternity when you can travel from the UK to Europe and further in that time.


International flights are a bit different as they are long haul. Planning for long haul flights is key, so make sure you have your essentials, such as:

  • Eye mask (a silk one if possible to help reduce dryness)
  • Water (an absolute necessity to stay hydrated. Bring your own large bottle where possible and ask the stewardesses to refill it for you)
  • Face masks (for skin hydration.
  • Anything else that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

What better way to kick off the weekend than with an amazing sunset on the flight on the way there? The picture doesn’t really do it justice but oh my gawd, it was stunning! It was one of those moments where I most definitely had to put the phone down and revel in the beauty with my own eyes.

Visit Milson’s Point

Up bright and early; we ventured to Luna Park and the surrounding area of Milson’s Point.

Milson’s Point is not as well-known as other iconic areas in Sydney but it is definitely a hidden gem. You can get panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House (I still get butterflies every time I see them as it reminds me that I am living my dream of being in Australia).

Sydney Harbour bridge
Lady walking with Luna Park Sydney in the background

There are gorgeous walkways and promenades with stunning views on offer, as well as some shade, which was welcomed by me as it was so bloody hot when we were there (god I’m sounding like a granny right now *face palms* haha).

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Visit Wendy’s Secret Garden

Due to the power of Instagram I discovered a hidden gem called Wendy’s Secret Garden. You can look out onto stunning views of Sydney but this time, amongst tropical plants, herbs and trees.

The story behind Wendy’s Secret Garden is sombre yet uplifting. Wendy needed something to focus her energy on after her husband passed away, so the garden was reborn. Its pretty fascinating actually, feel free to read more here.

View of Sydney and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Female walking through garden

I had mentioned the secret garden to Ali a few times, hoping if I talked about it enough that he would be more inclined to come with me (he doesn’t really like that sort of thing) but he was actually the one who made sure we stopped by. It was a lovely surprise!

Walk along Darling Harbour

You can’t visit Sydney and not walk along Darling Harbour. Even the name feels serene. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from, so enjoy soaking up the views, eating some delicious food and maybe a glass (or two) of fizz!

Picture of salad and glass of prosecco

Eat out in one of Sydney’s fine restaurants

As well as celebrating my birthday, we were also celebrating our one year engagement. We had trouble finding a restaurant at short notice however we came across the contemporary steak & grill restaurant called Chophouse. The restaurant is described as being ‘fanatical about perfectly cooked steak’, and with 10 years under their belt they certainly know how to cook. I would highly recommend visiting!

I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the venue or meal as I was starving and it looked so delicious, but it was pretty cool inside. Nice food and a nice cocktail menu too!

Have been to Sydney before? What did you enjoy most about it and did you visit any cool places?

B x

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