Birthday Cocktails at Trinket Bar, Melbourne

September is always a great month for me as it’s my BIRTHDAY, yay, and yes I’m the kind of person who likes to drag it out for a week or so. I was a very lucky girl and was spoiled by Ali and my family and friends. I mean, you only get a birthday once every year so why not, right?!

Being away from my immediate family in my homeland Scotland always makes me feel homesick, so it’s nice to have people around me here in Melbourne that are so loving and kind. So what better way to celebrate that than with a yummy cocktail in a fabulous new secret bar ‘Trinket Bar’ that’s recently popped up in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane? Let’s go…


I won’t spoil the surprise for those of you who have not been to Trinket yet but be prepared to expect the unexpected! You will not be disappointed.

Trinket bar is eclectic yet luxe, with rich emerald green velvet chairs and a jaw dropping chandelier that I wish I could have brought home with me. It was like walking into scene form Great Gatsby, and I was perfectly okay with that.

I was treated by my lovely friend to dinner and drinks and we opted for Feed Me from the menu, which is designed to share and consisted of six plates of the chef’s favourites. As you will see I did not manage to take any pictures because 1) we were starving and 2) scoffed everything because it looked and tasted delicious. I would highly recommend this as we tried dishes that we probably wouldn’t have selected directly off the menu.

Onto the cocktails…

What are some of your favourite cocktails? We kicked off the night with some Espresso Martinis which, you will not be surprised to hear, were a hit!

I also tried a cocktail called ‘The Perfectionist’ because, well #virgolife! I don’t normally opt for Vodka as I’m usually a Gin lady, but this was a palatable blend of Belvedere and watermelon – fruity yet smooth. My friend also tried the Trinket Aviation; a blueberry infused gin, lime and liquer concoction… smiles all round!


Oh, look there’s that beautiful chandelier again, how gorgeous is it?!


There is also a secret bar which can be found (go on, I dare you) downstairs.

It is safe to say that I will be going back in the near future to enjoy this fab bar with my fiance to try some more delicacies and some of the other cocktails!

If you haven’t been to Trinket yet then definitely get yourself along to enjoy what this fab bar has to offer! There are lots of things to look forward to in the months to come so check out their events!

If you have been to Trinket, what did you think of it? Did you love it as much as I did?

B x


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