4 Reasons to Visit Williamstown

It’s so easy to get sucked into the fab bars of Melbourne’s Southbank on weekends and wake up with a hangover every Sunday. But that can only last so long. For me, it’s important to keep exploring and continue learning about the beautiful country we currently call home. So a few weeks ago, Ali and I took a fresh-Sunday drive to Williamstown; a quaint little town around 15 km from Melbourne’s CBD.

2018-07-22 15.44.47

It’s currently winter in Melbourne but the weather held up, so we were lucky with the sunshine. Spring is in the air so it’s the perfect time to get planning your next trip! Drop me a comment below with your next adventure as I’d love to get some ideas πŸ™‚

Here are 4 reasons to visit Williamstown (if you haven’t already):

The views

For me the views from Williamstown are memorable. Looking out (on the morning rain…Aretha Franklin, anyone? Just me?! Moving on…) from the bay is an array of yachts and boats perfectly positioned, with the city skyline in the background. It’s quite surreal. There’s something so calming about being at the water, and with the city skyline in the distance really puts things into perspective and allows you to appreciate the city in all its glory.

2018-07-22 15.46.21

The markets

There’s always something on in Williamstown  and there was a farmers market on the particular Sunday we visited. Local markets are not only a great way to pass the time but it gives you the chance to discover new local businesses, and even try some of the produce. Everyone seemed to love the raw honey as people were passing us by with buckets and buckets of it.

2018-07-22 15.27.24
2018-07-22 15.28.06
2018-07-22 15.28.28

The shops

Is it possible to go anywhere any not visit shops? Not on my watch. Williamstown offers an array of local jewellery, fashion and homeware shops. Don’t worry fashionistas, your typical Australian fashion retails like Witchery, Grace and Willow and Trenery can still be found but it’s nice you have the option to discover new labels too. I am a sucker for home fragrances, from diffusers and candles to oil burners – you name it, I’ll have my eye on it – so it was cool to come across new scents and brands.

2018-07-22 16.06.49

Could you resist these gorgeous candles?


Williamstown has an interesting maritime and aboriginal history. The buildings all have a Victorian-like-era feel to them, which makes it seem like you have going back in time that link past and future. Find out more about the town’s history here.

2018-07-22 15.41.18
2018-07-22 15.42.29

Have you visited Williamstown before and if so, what did you think of it? Drop me a comment as I’d love to find out more about your trip!

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Visit Williamstown

  1. I have visited Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and other places within Australia! Absolutely loved it. A blessed country, loved reading your post and I agree if one can afford it they should go and visit. If we can’t afford it, I am glad there are posts like yours that take people on a journey through these wonderful places!

    Blessings from Seattle,
    Ann Marie Ruby | https://annmarieruby.com/

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