Beauty Bits I Bought in America

How did you know we’d end up at the shops in America? It was already a given, right?! There’s nothing more I love than a skincare purchase, especially when on holiday, so it was obvious that when we visited the outlet malls in Vegas the inevitable was going to happen.

We visited both the North and South Premium Outlets in Vegas – both successful days out – but I think my favourite had to be the North outlet simply as it was outside and it felt brighter and more exclusive than the other.


As you can see, I was a pretty happy girl that day.

I was specifically on the look out for new skin care (I’m getting married next year so was wanting to start my regime well in advance for the big day) but wasn’t seeking one particular brand however, ended up going for Bare Minerals in the end. I’d never used the brand before so was excited to try their new SKINLONGEVITY range which has been designed to ’empower, replenish, renew and fortify your skin complexion’. You had me at empower, Bare Minerals.


I bought the Vital Power Eye Gel Cream and Infusion Serum as part of a set. I can’t remember what price I paid for the set but I remember thinking it was great value. I know skincare can be quite pricey but I honestly believe that it is worth investing in as it usually lasts at least 4-6 months so you really get your moneys worth.

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To be honest, I hadn’t heard of the range nor understood much about the products at the time when I was buying them but after doing some research when I got home, I discovered that the secret behind the SKINLONGEVITY range is the Long Life Herb extract; an exquisitely nourishing formula that replenishes skin’s vitality and natural glow – hell to the yeah – that helps reduce visible signs of ageing and damage, improves skins’ resiliency and suppleness, and protect the skin against age accelerating factors. 

2018-07-15 14.06.33

How beautiful is the packaging?! Have you ever tried these products?

I’ve been loving how lightweight yet hydrating the products are! If you know me or have followed me for a while you’ll know I always look hydration, hydration, hydration. My skin thrives it.


I also bought some makeup bits from Bare Minerals including a new primer, foundation,  foundation brush and a blusher. The assistant in the shop was happy to beautify me and started doing my makeup with the products to let me see how they felt and looked on the skin. I was sold and am so happy with them.


No surprise that the primer is a hydrating primer… this is probably a bit heavy for my skin so I tend to keep it for when I’ve got a special occasion or night out as it really soaks into the skin and I feel it keeps make up on a little longer.

The foundation felt lovely on. I’m not a huge fan of cakey or heavy make up and always opt for lightweight/dewy looks and this foundation lived up to my hopes. The angled foundation brush glided the liquid foundation on easily and evenly so that was another added bonus. I love my Cliniqu Buffing Brush and Kubuki Brush (bought from Priceline) so the angled brush was a nice addition to my kit.

Although the blush looks pink in my pictures it is more of a gorgeous peachy colour – a change for me as I usually opt for pink. The finish is really natural which I love….

So far I’ve been really impressed with all my new purchases and have even had compliments from friends about my skin looking really fresh recently, which is always nice to hear. I’ve also been trying to increase my water intake to minimum 2 litres per day.

I’d love to know what your favourite skincare products are and anyone out there who has any pre-wedding skincare tips, hit me up!

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