A Trip to Los Angeles

Hey! Hope you are doing well. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen some pics of my trip to L.A and Vegas. I travelled with Ali (my fiancé) and then met up with two friends, who we know from Melbourne, when we got to L.A. Thinking about it, this was our very first ‘couples holiday’. Safe to say we had a fab time and I’ve been so excited to share all the things we done in L.A. I’ll do a Vegas post separately (stay tuned!).

We flew direct from Melbourne to Los Angeles with Virgin Australia and I have to say, the fourteen-hour flight was a very pleasant experience! The flight was smooth from take off to landing (not so smooth however on the way back with turbulence), there was a variety of films to choose from and the food was… well, it was plane food. I’m funny with plane food – is anyone else like this? Fourteen hours later we touched down in LAX baby!


As we were only staying in L.A for two days, we joined our friends in the hotel they chose in Long Beach, which was a half hour drive from Hollywood. We didn’t venture out much in Long Beach itself as we were up early and home late both days. Luckily we had a hire car, which allowed us the freedom to do and see everything we wanted to with ease. In hindsight, it would’ve great to stay a little closer to the action but central LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills can be so expensive.


We arrived in L.A roughly the same time as when we departed Melbourne, which totally messes with your head when it comes to time zones but we got to the hotel, showered, changed and set off to see the Hollywood sign (woo!)


Anyone of my fellow  “The Hills” fans can imagine my excitement driving by signs for Santa Monica and Los Angeles…then seeing the Hollywood sign! In one word, SURREAL.


Next up, the Griffith Observatory.

According to their website, the observatory is “Southern California’s gateway to the Cosmos”. I thoroughly enjoyed it here! The building is lovely; the views were phenomenal and the planetarium experience was amazing… a must-do in L.A!


By this point we were starving so we ventured into the centre of Hollywood and in true American style, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood.


We then walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I must admit, the streets were very crowded and slightly overwhelming. There were so many characters – literally, from Marvel to Disney – and metaphorically, including people who were clearly on something. Aside from that it was cool to see and here are just a few of the big names we spotted…


So earlier I mentioned that we were travelling with friends and one of the beauties of this is that you often do/see things that you probably never considered before. It took me a while to convince the rest that this next place was worth a visit but in the end, they were all pretty intrigued by the blogger-famous/cliche pink wall at the Paul Smith store…


I couldn’t resist a pose at the totally instagramable pink wall. Could you resist?!


Our final stop of the day was Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, and I feel these deserve their own post so stay tuned for the next update.

Have you ever visited Los Angeles? What did you enjoy most?

Until next time… see you soon!

B x


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