Highlights from the month of May

I can’t believe a whole four weeks has past since my highlights post – is it just me or is this year seriously flying by? Anyway I’m really enjoying doing these monthly highlights posts as it makes me stop, take note and time to reflect on things; the good, bad and the ugly. So without further ado, here is May’s edit. Hope you enjoy!

Birthday celebrations. My fiancé (eek, I still love saying that!) turned 29 this month… I better start planning for the big 30 next year. He wanted to go see the new Avengers movie in the cinema – job done – so we went on the night of his birthday to Hoyts cinema in Melbourne Central. Even though he said he didn’t want any gifts (everyone knows that never happens!), I did also surprise him with a boy’s day out game of paintballing, some aftershave and new clothes.

I also treated him to a lovely dinner at Tipo 00 before our cinema date, an Italian pasta bar located on Melbourne’s Little Bourke Street, and it was delicious! It’s always busy (and now I understand why) so I’d recommend booking a table in advance. tipo00_edited_groumettravellerPhoto credit: Gourmet Traveller

We absolutely loved our choices of Gnocchi di patate (featured above) – a braised duck ragu, porcini mushroom and pecorino pepata (sheep’s milk cheese with peppercorns) – and one of the specials, which I can’t remember the name of but it was a scrumptious beef ragu/hog spaghetti.

Learning to play guitar. Yes, you read correctly, I am learning to play the guitar. So this is what happened… a friend of mine explained she was thinking of going for guitar lessons, so I (being a good friend) said I’d go with her. Little did I know or expect that a guitar would turn up at my door like a week later (she went ahead and bought us both guitars, I know crazy right!) and I’ve been strumming away ever since. My Grandad taught himself to play guitar just by ear and every Christmas, gathering or party we would always ask him to play for us. Both my parents played too so I suppose you could say music runs in the family. I am working on the basic chords G, C, Em and D, and so far so good! Wish me luck…


We booked a holiday. I am so excited to say we’re off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts next month!

What have your highlights been this month?

B x

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