Highlights From The Month of April

I can’t believe we are in May already! Seriously, where does the time go? I thought it was good to take time to stop and reflect on the past month and relive all the fab things that happened in April. Hope you enjoy!

Catching up with friends. It’s funny what they say about going through different phases of life, from celebrating birthdays to new houses, new jobs and everything in between – there’s always something happening!


We enjoyed an Easter getaway down the Mornington Peninsula for a friends’ 30th birthday – I’m doing a full blog post on that separately – and being treated to delicious meal at +39 Pizzeria for our engagement (thanks again guys!).



Concerts. I’ve been to more concerts in the past two and a half years, when I moved to Melbourne, than I have done my whole life. And I’ve been loving it! The music scene was a bit eclectic in the month of April. I saw the legend that is Lionel Richie – who came out on stage in a red sequin jacket… I mean, come on, good on you Lionel! My sister loves him so of course there was an obligatory FaceTime so she could singalong.

img_0381.jpgSecond concert in April was The Script. These guys can seriously put on a show. They even came off stage and performed amongst the audience. It was fab! I’ve also got to mention the JP Cooper who was their support act, he was equally as amazing, what a voice! broganelizblog_aprilhighlights7broganelizblog_aprilhighlights6

Technology. For once I’m not talking about beauty or hair care, but instead, technology.  I was actually in the market for a new camera but ended up getting the new Google Pixel 2, and let me tell you the camera is amazing. Yup, that’s right, I switched to Android after being a loyal iPhone user for years (scary stuff). I got the same feeling as when I switched from my beloved Blackberry to iPhone many moons ago. Okay I’m still getting used to the whole world of Android but so far, so good. My only bug bare (and an obvious one) is the logistics of transferring/converting all of my iCloud ‘stuff’ to Google. Some of my app purchases and data didn’t transfer etc. so not great, but I’m getting there!


I was lucky enough to get a free Google Home Mini with my purchase. I never thought i’d be an adopter of voice search/ technology but once you start using it, it’s addictive! One thing I’m loving about my new phone is the Google Assistant. It’s funny as I didn’t ever use Siri assistance on my iPhone but Google Home Mini has really encouraged my use of voice search and assistance.

Trying new things. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy but professional and online courses that I’ve seen advertised have all been extortionate, like over $200. Calligraphy buffs, is this normal? Anyway, I spotted this great little set in kmart so thought I’d try it out. Not bad for a first try… What do you think?


What have your highlights been this month?

B x





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