A morning of wellness

Weekends for me are all about balance – forgetting the work week, relaxing and doing whatever makes you happy. I had a pretty busy January so decided to embark on ‘dry February’ and I am feeling good (okay, so it’s only day 9 but whose counting, right?!)

This morning, I visited Queen Victoria Market and enjoyed a free yoga session which was hosted by TwoSixWellness – their official wellness partner – as part of their Market Wellness Trail, which is a hidden healthy treasure trail of  market juice and herbs and spices to organic skincare and local produce.

It started with a sunny stroll to the market…what better way to start the weekend!



Let me tell you, a 9am start is very different from a midday visit. Early morning is when the pro-market-goers visit, and you can see why. There is less hustle and bustle. There was more space to enjoy the sights, smells and colours of lots of pretty fruit and veg.


Yoga is an exercise that I always tend to forget about, as I’m usually trying to burn calories doing weights, running or something a bit more high intensity, but yoga is great for stretching, breathing and connecting with self.  The vibe at the Twosix Wellness yoga area was so chilled and very welcoming.



I brought along my own yoga mat however there were already mats laid out (lululemon in fact – fancy!). As it was the first session of the day, I was happy to use the mats already provided.

The session was focused on breathing, stretching and balance. If you are not a yoga-goer like me, it definitely brought out some incoordination at first but as I got more comfortable and confident in the moves, it became really empowering. And it felt so uplifting afterward. A great way to start the day.


I went along with a friend and she also really enjoyed it! Of course that meant going for a coffee afterward – and with lots of places to choose from both in and around the market, we were spoiled for choice. We decided on a little Spanish cafe.


Talk about being a true millennial… Yoga in the morning feat. lululemon, skinny flat white and an egg omelette breaky. The only thing missing was avocado! lol.

Check out Twosix Wellness here and read more about the Market Wellness Trail here.

I will be back next week for some more yoga :)!

B x

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