Beauty begins in the belly!

So here we are in 2018 already! What the… does anyone else feel like 2017 completely flew by?!

New Year is a time to reflect on goals and achievements, and setting new ones. For me, 2017 was not the greatest year and so I had a period of feeling completely lost and as a result, my health and fitness lacked and I felt like I wasn’t eating my usual healthy balanced diet. So I knew I had to make a conscious change and get back to track.

Hydration was my first priority as skincare professionals and also body scan results at my local gym indicated that I was very dehydrated. I’d always tried to drink plenty of water but it obviously hadn’t been enough. So after some research, I discovered products by The Beauty Chef and knew it was the right brand choice for me.


What I love about The Beauty Chef is that they break down their products by ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ beauty. I am still learning about the benefits of ‘pre’ and ‘pro’biotics for a happy, healthy gut, but I felt that The Beauty Chef was a great choice for beginners like me.

The products I’m using are from the ‘inner’ beauty range, “Holiday Boost, Inner Beauty Trio” and I am LOVING it!


The Holiday Boost pack contains 3 x 300ml bio-fermented beauty elixirs that combine balancing benefits of good bacteria for digestion – Antioxidant, Hydration and Collagen. Each contain their own blend of magical ingredients to help you feel great (and trust me, they really do make you feel great and glowing). The founder, Carla, is a great believer in “beauty starts in the belly” and hence it is their brand statement, and I love that!


So what are the ingredients/benefits?


Did you know that collagen is a powerful protein that helps structure our skin, hair, nails, bones and muscles? Neither did I. 70% is within our skin and 30% is in our bodies, so pretty important right!? The Beauty Chef blends berries, pomegranate and grape seed extract which all help boost the collagen in our bodies whilst Vitamin C helps form collagen, and Zinc supports skin structure, hair and nails – and tastes d-lish!


Hydration: on the other hand is rich in electrolytes from coconut water, aloe vera and lemon myrtle. Sweet and simply… another winner!



I’ve come up with my own little analogy; our bodies are a bit like icebergs, we can only see the 10% above water (or on the outside) and there’s 90% underneath that we tend to forget about…This little powerhouse tackles the ageing process; promoting free radicals to address fine lines and firm up the skin and protect from cellular damage. There’s yummy pomegranate, papaya fruit and leaf, as well as green tea extract and vitamin E.

I do truly see and feel a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. The best thing about them is that they are all easy to drink!


My favourite ways to incorporate them into my diet is by simply adding a 15 ml spoonful into a glass of water, or I like to shake it up in a smoothie.

I’ve also been using the Beauty Fix Balm as a lip balm and hand moisturiser – another great allrounder. In terms of fragrance, there is a subtle scent of gentle and lovely and is a great allrounder!

If you’re interested to read all about The Beauty Chef and founder, Carla Oates, click here.

You can buy the Holiday Boost Inner Beauty Trio at Sephora online here.

Have you tried any products from The Beauty Chef before? Maybe you’re using similar products from another company… I’d love some recommendations! Comment below 🙂 xx

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