A Girls Trip To The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne, Victoria has so much to offer. You can go to the beach, take a trip to the countryside, enjoy world class wineries and more… all accessible within an hour-or-so’s drive. Last week, I took a road trip with some girlfriends to the beautiful Great Ocean Road, and here’s what we did!


We stayed in an idyllic little town called Skenes Creek, which is roughly a 10 min drive from Apollo Bay; a stop-worthy destination along the famous stretch of Great Ocean Road. A blissful escape when you work/live in or near the bustling city of Melbourne.

In terms of accommodation, we opted for a modern, spacious Airbnb house which accommodated a group of 4 very well. Picturesque views of Skeenes Creek beach awaited us on the veranda and tranquil sounds of the trees swaying and waves crashing were all a welcomed change to the city lights!


The blanket of stars that twinkled and danced in the sky were one of my main highlights; breathtaking! Despite a little drama with the host and some very, VERY large spiders and moths (yes, I know we were in rural-ish Australia, but still!) and also an unexpected and unwanted plumber who appeared quite late on a weekend; overall it was a really lovely stay-cation.


As we left direct from work on a Friday night, we didn’t venture far the night we arrived, so just enjoyed a yummy carbonara and couple of vinos. Basically the perfect girly night in! Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the meal as it was gone in what felt like 5 minutes flat, d-lish!!

Saturday was an adventure day, so it called for gym gear (a recommended outfit choice for any walking/venturing around in hot or cool temperatures) and headed for a self guided trail.

We opted for Mait’s Rest, an easy 800 metre boardwalk trail that’s built on an ancient cool temperature rainforest.

We didn’t realise it was as short and/or easy as the plaque at the start of the trail advised it was quite a hard walk and roughly around 30 minutes…but I think we walked around the whole trail in about 10 minutes. Still worth a visit though for a leisurely stroll.  The lush greenery and nature was a great start to the day!


From Mait’s Rest we ventured through Great Otway National Park and drove to Cape Otway Lighthouse; the southernmost point of Australia!  Click here for more things to do near Cape Otway.

I’ve visited the lighthouse three times but each time is just as good as the last. The drive itself is breathtaking, especially in beautiful sunny weather. Plus, you often spot wild Koala’s up in the treetops en route — another little perk!


The picture quality isn’t great due to the camera zoom!

There is an entry fee to get into the lighthouse; from memory I think it’s around $20; but well worth it as you probably spend at least an hour there mooching around.


If you can stand the heights, a climb up to the top of the lighthouse is well worth it! The views are just breathtaking!


There’s also an aboriginal hub with a local story teller from the site. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the incense they were burning but otherwise, it was pretty interesting.


You can also learn about the significance of the lighthouse and history of the area.

Although I don’t have kids myself, I’d say it is child-friendly and there’s definitely loads of space for little’uns to run around; plus, there’s picnic tables and communal BBQ area for a BYO lunch.

En route back along the coast to Skeenes Creek, we stopped at one of the local cafe’s to quench our thirst and then back up to the house for a chilled evening of pampering before heading back home the next day.

Our last morning consisted of a mediocre breakfast (nothing really beats the cafe culture of the city #sorrynotsorry) and then an easy drive in the sun through Torquay where there was a local market of clothing, trinkets and jewellery etc. This was a nice way to end the trip as we spotted an advert for a Farmer’s Market at Apollo Bay but unfortunately we weren’t able to go.

To sum it up…

Although I have ventured down the Great Ocean Road a few times, it’s always great to go hit the refresh button and it’s the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Have you ever been before? I’d love to hear about your trip… Comment below 🙂

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