Autumnal Home Fragrance feat. Illatos Lang

Autumn has officially arrived in Melbourne and for me, that means its time to look out the candles!

I tend to switch my home fragrance up during the seasons, opting for reed diffusers throughout the summer months and candles in winter. I feel that candles add a welcoming,  warming vibe to the home so when I was kindly sent the Noir Bergamot & Sheer Musk fragrance by Illatos Lang, I couldn’t wait for a cosy night in to burn it!

Illatos Lang is a luxury Australian candle brand that uses only 100% soy wax. What’s so nice about brands who use soy wax is that there are no nasty chemicals being released into the air. Not only that but apparently soy wax candles have a longer burn time than other waxes. Win/win!

So, let’s talk about the gorgeous Illatos Lang candle and packaging…



I unboxed the beautiful black glass candle vessel from its matte-effect box, with the logo and surrounding design embossed on the lid. The box itself was wrapped in black tissue paper with a branded sticker (I didn’t manage to get a picture of this as I was so excited to open it!), which makes for a really lovely gift for a friend or relative.

There is a candle care information card inside the box, which I always find really useful to keep on-hand. It has tips from trimming the wick for an optimum burn to storage recommendations. Similar information was also present on the bottom of the candle.



So, “What does the candle smell like?” you ask.

The fragrance, Bergamot & Sheer Musk, is described on the Illatos Lang website as being ‘sophisticated, seductive, sensual, romantic and feminine’ — all exactly on point! The bergamot scent provides heady floral notes, without being overpowering in any way, and the musk balances the blend perfectly with a light blush scent that floats throughout the room. It really is a stunning candle that burns evenly for up to 75 hours.



I really love burning the candle and would be interested in trying their Reed Diffusers too!

Have you ever tried any candles from the range?

Check out the range of Illatos Lang candles over on their website, here. NOIR – Bergamot & Sheer Musk candle | $79.95.


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