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The sun was shining today — like the whole day, which means it’s that time of year again…summer. Exciting!

Having been back from my amazing trip to Australia now for almost three months, the cold Scottish weather has left me yearning for some warm sunshine. So, the fact that the sun made an appearance got me thinking about summer adventures.

Whilst in Oz, I learned a thing or two about ‘thongs’ or flip-flops as we Brits know them better as, so what better way to kick-start the season off than with a summer footwear wish list* from the footwear brand, Ipanema?

I’ve not yet blogged about my trip, hence the reason you probably have no idea about it, so here’s a quick lowdown:

My boyfriend and I set off in the height of Australian summertime, exploring the beautiful country for a whole month – bliss! We started in Brisbane and made our way down to Sydney in a little camper van for the first two weeks, which was awesome! Then, we headed for Melbourne for the remaining holiday and spent time with family and friends.

Now you can understand why I’ve been hoping for the slightest little glimpse of sunshine.

So, who are Ipanema?

Okay, so Ipanema aren’t an Australian brand – they’re a Brazilian brand whose footwear designs are inspired by their origins and culture. If you head to their website for a quick browse, I’m sure you’ll agree that their beautiful ranges offer a strong alternative to other, more well-known brands such as Havaianas.

The company also seems very transparent with their CSR goals. They explain the importance they have for recycling and have even installed a recycling plant to honour and upkeep these credentials. Read more about this here.

With so many styles and colours to choose from, Ipanema’s SS15 collection is vibrant, authentic and fun, and I’ve noted some of my favourite styles for summer:


Perfect for lazy days at the beach; tie your hair up in a topknot, pull on your favourite pair of ripped denim shorts, grab a loose tee and a pair of Ipanema’s Lovely III.

Ipanema Lovely Ill

The white and gold is my favourite colour but there are seven other beautiful tones to choose from.


Work it wedge

When you’re on holiday (or if you’re lucky enough to live in a country that has sun most of the year) you’ll know that wearing heels in the scorching heat is not always the best idea. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable – we all know the feeling of swollen feet and blisters from hobbling around in unsuitable shoes (okay, I sound like my gran but hey, we’ve all been there).

You can’t beat a good wedge! Not only are they a great alternative to heels but they pretty much go with anything and everything!

My top-pick would be Ipanema’s Lipstick Wedge (£35.00) in black and white, although they are also available in blue and red.

Ipanema Lipstick Wedge

The anchor detail on the wedge is an ideal way to glam-up a daytime wander around a marina in a dainty little dress or, when paired with a classic red lipstick and jumpsuit for some evening class.

Cutesie Tootsie

Ipanema not only offer a men’s collection but they also offer a range for Kids and believe me, they are the cutest little things!

I’m not 100% sure on how comfortable the toe posts would be for children but the injected PVC materials used are supposed to offer more flexibility and comfort for little ones.

Ipanema LadyBird

Just look at the Ipanema Ladybird style; the detail on these gorgeous flip-flops would make any shoe-loving kid swoon! Cute or what?

Available in two different colours (red/gold or dark pink), these flip-flops would pair up beautifully with a crisp, white dress for a pop of colour! At just £15.00, they seem like a decent investment for a family holiday.

What do you think of Ipanema? Let me know your thoughts…

This wish list is inspired by Etail PR Blogger Network. Featured image photo credit: Ipanema.

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